10 Best Car Engines

10 Best Car Engines Every Auto Enthusiast Must Know

Auto industry has progressed a great deal in the past few years. The propulsion systems too have started becoming more efficient and powerful. In 2015, the changes implemented have made the engines user friendly and more refined.

While people do not give a car engine much thought beyond the options present, there are people who spend quite a huge amount of energy and time to investigate the options present.  Here is a list that appeases both environmentalists and car enthusiasts.

It contains something for each car shopper and for all types of budgets. Further, the engines guarantee top quality driving experience. `Therefore, here is the list. Read on.

Subaru WRX

Subaru WRXThis is a legendary rally-racing car, which has gained popularity mainly because of its 2 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged engine of 268 horsepower. The engine designed with the company’s, 40 years’ experience on intelligent performance has pistons, which move in side-by-side motion reducing vibration. This enables efficient and smooth running of the engine.

The layout, which is horizontal, also enhances balance and delivers maximum power transfer. The engine delivers a torque of 258 lb-ft on a flat plateau with an RPM from 200 to 5700 resulting in higher output over a wide range.

Ford Eco Boost

Ford Eco BoostWhile Hellcat is the most powerful and hogs the limelight, the Ford 1.0 Eco boost model with its 3-cylinder engine is the most critically lauded engine. This has been named as the best International Engine of the Year for three consecutive years by an auto journalist panel.

The engine is connected to a five speed manual transmission. The engine’s high points include its user-friendly power and lack of turbo lag. We got average miles per gallon of 38.9 with the engine, which is very impressive indeed.

Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen GolfThe success of Golf is a bright spot in the recent dull phase of Volkswagen. Even if the car is new, the four cylinder turbocharged engine is the same as the previous Volkswagen models. The horsepower of 170 offered versatility and great fuel economy.

The car does not have much suspension noise, but you do get wind and road noise while speeding on motorways. The 2-liter engine is smooth, while the diesel version has some vibrations, which you feel in the gear lever, pedals and steering wheel.

Volvo S60 T5

Volvo S60 T5The Drive E also features a four cylinder turbocharged engine. Looking at its efficient performance it looks like the engine will be a mainstay for many years in future. The 2-liter engine with 240 horsepower has been picked for this list due to the effortless acceleration and abundant power it exudes.

We spent some time behind the S60 equipped with Drive E and can very well attest to its potent power and smooth delivery. While the fuel efficiency is not on par with T5, the turbo charged 302 horsepower of Drive E equal the V6 and V8 engine.

Hellcat Hemi

Fiat Chrysler Hellcat HemiHellcat Hemi from Fiat Chrysler certainly tops the popularity rating with its 707 horsepower and torque of 650 lb-ft. The engine is linked to manual transmission in the Dodge Challenger, while it is hooked to an 8 speed automatic transmission in Challenger model making it the most powerful engine, while the Charger model is the fastest and powerful sedan available in the market.  While the Hemi is super charged with its 6.2 engine, you also get a 6.4 for the Charger and Challenger 2015 models.

Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet CorvetteThe potent small block V8 LT1 comes with 8-speed auto transmission and gave a fairly good 20 mpg when we drove it for about 300 miles. According to its manufacturers GM, this would be the best in fuel efficiency of the 450 horsepower range cars.

This is mainly because its LT1 engine features cylinder deactivation. This is dubbed as Active Fuel management by the makers. The engine also features variable valve timing and direct injections to enable less fuel use. The compact engine leaves more room under the hood for other devices.

BMW Twin turbo engine

BMW Twin turbo engineThis is another engine with 3 cylinders just like the Ford Eco Boost. The engine gave a powerful performance and did not use much fuel, which got praise from critics appraising it. The twin power turbo engine version with 228 horsepower is found in the new i8 BMW sports car.

The twin power turbo technology is one of the best innovations by BMW. The engine design combines innovative turbocharger technology, variable performance control and advanced fuel injection system. This results in spontaneous response even at very low speeds.

The high precision injection and variable valve feature ensures low fuel consumption. The technology combo enables optimum power development without consuming much power. The fuel consumption is reduced by about 10 %.

The variable camshaft control in the engine results in fewer emissions, high fuel efficiency, and better speed range. The clean combustion guarantees maximum energy derivation from the fuel.

BMW i3

BMW i3The i3 found a place in our list for its high power engine in the electric car category. The 170 horsepower engine gives about 60 miles per hour in 7 seconds. The agile driving power and environment friendly car is great on emission free technology and driving comfort.

The engine is very silent and runs on the efficient dynamics technology of BMW. The motor is developed to work with the high voltage lithium ion battery. High efficiency and smart energy management is thus produced.

You can conveniently take on city driving as well as overland trips without having to worry about range issues. The engine with a torque of 250 Nm and 125 Kw/170 horsepower gives the car high agility and impressive acceleration.

Hyundai hydrogen fuel car

Hyundai hydrogen fuel carThis is another alternative fuel car to enter our list of best engines. The fuel cell vehicle uses hydrogen, which is converted to electricity to power the car. The engine is powerful and at the same time user friendly and quiet.

The car is easy to operate and unintimidating too. When compared to other electric cars, we found it quiet. You don’t get any gurgling or whirring noise that is common in other FCVs. The power delivery in the car is very smooth and goes to 80 mph in the expressways without any difficulty.

The 221 lb-ft torque provides ample power to the 134horsepower engine. Overall, the car is an absolute delight to cruise in. Another advantage with the car is you can refuel it in just three minutes. Quick refueling and zero emission range of about 300 miles are some important reasons for this car to find a place in our list.

RAM’s 3.0 turbodiesel

RAM 3.0 turbodieselThis is the final engine on our list. This Italian designed engine is popular for its refined performance and high fuel efficiency. The 3.0 liter Eco Diesel V6 engine is built by a former Fiat affiliate and longtime marine diesel engine Italian maker. The ownership of the car is now split between Fiat/Chrysler and GM.

This engine is a complement to the V8 and V6 gas engines and the 6.7-liter turbo diesel engine of Cummins. The fuel economy is pegged at high 20s. The torque at 420 lb-ft with 200 rpm is pretty good. The wide ratio automatic transmission with 8-speed gear gives a medium to low grunt on acceleration but gives great flexibility.

With this, we come to the end of our list of 10 best car engines. You’d by now have discovered that a wonderful engine can be achieved in different ways. Companies differ in the way they approach the performance of an engine. While the electric cars and those that run on alternate fuels are picking up momentum the petrol and diesel engines still manage to rule the roost.

By the way

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The client also wanted a supercharger update for his car. He is a hardcore motor head and found the engine speed not on par with the speed he had in mind. The turbo chargers and super chargers help to effectively increase horsepower of your car engine.

If you want more power from your engine, the best way to achieve it is using a supercharger or a turbocharger.